Taster Plan

These are unprecedented times!

Funky Feet Music are delighted to offer you free access to a taster of the new early years content we have been busy developing.

This will support you in delivering physical activity with your young children.

We have extended the availabilty for free until 30th Sept  2020 and we welcome your feedback.

From 30th Sept the resources will be offered at an amazing price of £10 per month to access

The Taster Plan gives you full access to a range of resources e.g.

  • Videos of original seasonal songs to dance and perform actions to
  • Instructions for each song
  • Links to Early Years Framework and Lower KS1
  • Suggested observation opportunities

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Dance Membership

Dance membership gives you access to Funky Feet Music dance material choreographed by Alison Bacon

Suitable for all children aged 3 to 7 years

To get you started you will have access to 10 dances including, The Charleston, Bollywood, Fairytales, The Tango, with easy to follow videos of instructions, practice dances, and then the grand finale.

You will also have access to detailed choreography notes and an observation chart to assist you in monitoring the children's progress.

Additional dances and their associated resources will be released on a regular basis.

Total annual fee is £100.00
You can try it for £5 for 30 days after which time the balance of the full annual fee, £95 will automatically be taken, unless you cancel your membership.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found here

If you have any questions please get in touch [email protected]



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